vrijdag 19 juni 2015

ZOOM | Panton Limited Edition Chair

While taking a masterclass with stylist Holly Marder and photographer Wendy van Woudenberg hosted by Meet The Blogger I was presented with a 'challenge' to shoot and style the new limited edition of the Panton design chair from Vitra. 

I was very happy to shoot and style such amazing design! I tried to keep the styling, the location and the use/selection of props close to my personal style and life. So as you can see I don't live in a huge mansion;) I live in a beautiful home, build in the '30, with details like the stained glass. 

Before starting I went through my notes from the masterclass. These where the things I kept in mind, and perhaps you might find them useful while styling your own interior.  KEEP READING 

- My visual identity: who you are and what you are all about. So in my case: nothing too matchy-matchy, pure materials and personal items. O, and this: #LessIsMore #MoreOrLess... 

- Three words that discripe your style: Balance, contrast (material, color and style) and simplicity/boho. (I know, failed, way more than three words..;)

Even though I was a bit scary having to style (very!) green chairs, I got out of my comfort zone and the chairs have totally grown on me!! If you think of adding a color to your interior, green is a great and kind of easy color! Like jeans go with pretty much everything and are a great basic in you wardrobe, green is also a 'basic'. It's the color of nature, a calming color. It works great with pure materials like wood, glass, cotton and wool.  

I styled the limited edition of the Panton Outdoor chair in my bedroom/on my balcony. I've tried to keep it calm and a relaxed enviroment. Because that's what a bedroom should be all about. I used pure materials, fresh and some faded green-isch colors. 

I really enjoyed shooting and styling these great chairs and hope you like the results. And like every (master)class we take or course we follow, I feel like I have learned A LOT, but I'm also aware of how little I know.. So keep those masterclasses coming;) 

X Robine 

SOURCE: Robine // Actproductions Blog

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Staat geweldig mooi en wat een mooie style heb je!!

  2. Staat geweldig mooi en wat een mooie style heb je!!

    1. Dankje wat super leuk om te horen! Best spannend, ik deel niet zo vaak foto's van mijn slaapkamer. Dankje voor het compliment!!

  3. Wat een finne foto's en wat matcht die stoel prachtig in je slaapkamer.
    Stiekem ben ik heeeeel verlief op je lamp...

    1. Bedankt Anneke! Super lieve reactie!! Mocht je de lamp willen, dan kan ik je een adresje in Rotterdam doorgeven. Er is ook een wand-versie van.
      Tot snel!! XRobine